Simply Give – BRCOH August 13 & September 10th

Simply Give     “Double Match” Days    August 13 & September 10

Our local Meijer store in Boardman has chosen Big Reach as their “Simply Give” pantry partner from now through October 1.  The process is simple, and here is how it works.

Step 1: Take a Simply Give Card from our counter on the lobby on Sundays, or grab one in the check out aisle at your next visit to Meijer.

Step 2: Scan the “Simply Give” card at the Meijer checkout for $10 or for any increment of $10. OR for our online shoppers, select our Boardman location for your next purchase and just ADD a “Simply Give” card at checkout.

Step 3: Big Reach will receive your Simply Give donation towards food purchases for our pantry!

It is THAT simple!

We’re excited to see the impact our Greenford Christian Church family can have through this Simply Give Campaign.