Austintown 4th of July Parade

Austintown 4th of July Parade      Monday, July 4    @   12pm

Hey Austintown Campus! We have an awesome opportunity to engage and connect in our community! On Monday, July 4th we will be participating in the Austintown 4th of July Parade. In the past, we have made great connections through this fun outreach and are looking forward to how God will use this opportunity again! There are two ways you can participate. The first is by donating a bag(s) of candy and dropping it off in the bin by the front doors. The second way to participate is by signing up to be in the parade. Some will sit on hay bales on the float just looking pretty, while others will walk alongside, passing out candy and GCC invite cards. We request that you sign up to participate CLICK HERE, and don’t forget to wear one of your GCC T-shirts!